Foundation and Structural Evaluations

 If you notice vertical, horizontal or diagonal cracks in the interior or exterior, dis-elevation, tilting of floors, doors which will not open or shut or other signs of foundation movement, you should strongly consider having the foundation evaluated.

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Level "B" Foundation Investigation includes the following areas:
Relative Elevation Surveys Observations Drainage Improvements
  • Determine the amount of differential foundation movement and if  the foundation has experienced settlement and/or  upheaval.

  • Interior and exterior list of observations documenting cracks, trim separation and other signs of foundation distress.

  • Evaluate whether your lot has proper drainage and if the property needs improvements to correct surface water and/or subsurface water drainage.

You will receive a written report and scaled diagram drawings that include recommendations, conclusions and a repair recommendations if appropriate.

Structural Evaluations

Inspection and evaluation of the structural components of the structure including; Roofs, Attics, Ceilings, Walls and Floors depending on visibility and access. 

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