Foundation Inspection by a Professional Engineer

Depending on size, age and extras, we will give a fair quote and stick to it.
Below is  pricing based on size and type of foundation for residential structures.
Commercial foundation evaluations and property inspections are available.


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Foundation Evaluations

  Size (Square Feet) Slab Foundations Pier & Beam Foundations
  Under 2000 $425 Minimum $750
Pricing based on square footage,
age, location and historical considerations.

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  2001-3000 $500
  3001-4000 $625
  4001 Plus $750+ Call for quote

The goal of a  foundation evaluation (engineer's report) is to locate foundation distress through a visual inspection and how level (or unlevel) the foundation is by taking elevation readings on the 1st story floor surfaces.   You will receive a written engineer's report,  the relative elevation survey and contours diagram of the elevation survey data with a plan of repair if appropriate.   This written engineer's report is stamped and signed by a Texas licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.)

Note:  Pricing may vary due to age, location, previous repair history and size of structure.  Historic pier and beam, post, block and base foundations please call for pricing.

All Home Inspections Include a Relative Elevation Survey
(Square Feet)
Home Inspection
Home Inspection Report
 Plus Foundation Evaluation Report
Home Inspection
Pier & Beam
Pier & Beam Home Inspection Report
 Plus Foundation
Evaluation Report
  Under 1500 $450 $625 $750 $900
  1500-2500 $550 $725 $850 $1000
  2500-3500 $650 $825 $950 $1200
  3500 Plus $750+ Call for quote $950+ Call for quote $1150+ Call for quote $1450+ Call for quote

All home inspection reports, include a  Relative Elevation Survey of the 1st  story floor surfaces of the structure.   A relative elevation survey determines how level (or unlevel) the foundation is and includes a computerized diagram.  

Save with a combination of a home inspection and full engineer's foundation evaluation when conducted together.

Click here to view a Relative Elevation Survey diagram.

Note:  Pricing may vary due to age. historic, location and/or special conditions or inspection requests. Home inspections are stamped and signed by the Professional Engineer.

Structural Evaluations


Call or email and we can discuss your specific concerns and needs.  Most evaluations are based on a hourly rate or combined with a foundation evaluation for an extra fee.  Services include evaluations of load bearing walls, attic framing, additions for existing as well as pre-pour foundation and  framing evaluations for homes under construction.

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