Hill Engineering has years of engineering experience providing reports that focus on answers and solutions to our customers.
In addition to standard home and foundation inspections, Hill Engineering has evaluated homes struck by lightning, damaged by high winds and subjected to seismic events. 
We have provided recommendations on strengthening floors for grand pianos, large aquariums and renovation consulting on enlarging doorways or inspecting previous modifications.
We will provide you with comprehensive residential, foundation and structural  inspections. 


Our reports reference photo numbers and each client is provided a photo reference document. 
Click to see an example Photo File

Home Inspections

Foundation Evaluations

  • Provide you with an overall assessment of the property from the roof to the foundation, with a special emphasis on the foundation -- A Hill Engineering area of expertise.  

  • Determine if the foundation has experienced movement, how much and whether remedial foundation repairs are necessary. 

  • You will receive a written report stamped and signed by a Professional Engineer.

  • A written report is included documenting the present condition of the foundation with  conclusions,  recommendations,  and a plan of repair when appropriate.

  • Extensive photo documentation and every home inspection report includes a Relative Elevation Survey.  Click here for more information and an example Relative Elevation Survey.

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